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Language translation solutions

Services for every language management need – from document translation, interpreting and website localisation, to consultancy and complex multi-media, multi-lingual solutions or just friendly advice.

At Wessex Translations we understand the importance of deadlines and we have the systems in place to ensure that we meet them.

We deliver on time - and if you have an urgent requirement we can offer a special 24 hour service. Contact us now for details.


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WessexTranslations @WessexTrans Oct 17, 2016
BBC News - Plan now to avoid post-Brexit languages crisis, say MPs
WessexTranslations @WessexTrans Oct 13, 2016's Welsh language provision 'astonishing' deterioration
WessexTranslations @WessexTrans Oct 03, 2016
Qantas publishes Chinese language magazine in a bid to tap into China's expanding tourism market
WessexTranslations @WessexTrans Sep 01, 2016
Your dog understands more than you think
WessexTranslations @WessexTrans Aug 01, 2016
Bags of honey peanuts have been recalled - the packaging failed to to mention the word peanuts in English
WessexTranslations @WessexTrans Jul 20, 2016
English will remain the working language of the EU after Brexit via @IrishTimesOpEd
WessexTranslations @WessexTrans Jun 28, 2016
Very concerned by last week's #EU #referendum result. #Brexit
WessexTranslations @WessexTrans May 14, 2016
Qapla! Who owns Klingon, the Star Trek language?
WessexTranslations @WessexTrans May 05, 2016
The Quebec government is amending its language laws to ensure that French is featured on all signs & storefronts.
WessexTranslations @WessexTrans Apr 27, 2016
Interesting article on the BBC - Identity 2016: Why I stopped mispronouncing my Igbo name

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​There is a good reason why you should hire a specialist to translate your website or marketing material; you need their language expertise and knowledge of local culture to ensure your message is conveyed correctly to the target market.
​Medical translation is very different to other translation tasks so it is more important than ever to choose the right translator for the job
Exciting new developments to follow...
Hampshire based firm Wessex Translations Limited is once again the proud winner of the biennial prestigious award for the UK's Best Translation Company, as awarded by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) in May 2013. This completes a hat trick of awards!
Team Wessex and Friends
Charity of the year Jan 01, 2012
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