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​Patent Translations

A patent is a legal protection for your intellectual property (IP) and can cover a wide range of things. Your IP could be your company branding, a product or service that you have invented and developed, processes that are unique to your company, and many other aspects of your work.

​Translating for Children

We all have favourite books and stories from our childhood, but how easy is it to translate children’s literature from one language to another? This field of translation requires a different skill-set to translating adult literature, marketing, education or legal materials and it is a lot of fun to work on.There are a few ways in which we can ensure the translation of children’s literature is as accurate as possible.

The Benefits of a Translation and Interpreting Service

If you are a company that has to deal with suppliers, customers and colleagues located in different areas around the world, and who might speak different languages, it pays to have the assistance of a quality translation and interpreting service.

Technical Translation: A Serious Matter

The below article highlights why one should never underestimate the importance of professional translation

A Look at Media & Marketing Translations

Global marketing is a specialised business, as different cultures have their own eccentricities and quirks, and that means that people will respond to certain messages positively in one country and negatively in another. This is why you need a professional translation company like Wessex Translations involved whenever you want to translate your media and marketing materials for use in another country.

Website Localisation: Is your Business Ready for the Global Market?

So you’re planning on expanding your business and marketing overseas… but is your website ready?

Translating Marketing Material: The Art of Disguise

​There is a good reason why you should hire a specialist to translate your website or marketing material; you need their language expertise and knowledge of local culture to ensure your message is conveyed correctly to the target market.

Medical Translation: Finding a Safe Pair of Hands

​Medical translation is very different to other translation tasks so it is more important than ever to choose the right translator for the job

INT-TRA Solutions joins Wessex

Exciting new developments to follow...

Wessex Translations wins prestigious Best Translations Company Award (again)

Hampshire based firm Wessex Translations Limited is once again the proud winner of the biennial prestigious award for the UK's Best Translation Company, as awarded by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) in May 2013. This completes a hat trick of awards!

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