Technical Translation Services

Our complete range of technical translation and interpreting services makes us the first choice language partner for global companies.

Wessex Translations' panel of professional, qualified translators can cater for all languages, however rare, regardless of technical environment or specialism.

Our translators are carefully selected to match your individual needs and always translate into their mother tongue.

They are chosen to have a specialist knowledge and understanding of your business area, marketplace or profession.

Each translation is checked for style, clarity, meaning and consistency as well as for spelling, grammar and syntax.

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We have also invested in the latest Translation Memory Management technology which can identify text which has been previously translated which reduces translation time and therefore you will benefit from reduced translation costs.


Wessex Translations provides translation services for all types of document including:

  • Marketing literature (advertising, brochures, posters)
  • Legal documents (contracts, terms and conditions, legislation)
  • Technical documents (manuals, patents, product specifications)
  • Pharmaceutical and medical documents (labelling and packaging, SmPCs, back-translations)

We also have experience in: Material safety data sheets [MSDS], Software strings, Packaging information, Help files, Health and safety manuals, Product, help files, User manuals, Technical specifications.

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