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29 Aug

Women in Translation Month and an interview with Charlotte Coombe

It’s August, which means it’s Women in Translation Month! An excellent opportunity to celebrate translated women’s literature, and an excuse to read some great books.

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14 Jun

Introducing... Our New Website!

You may have noticed that the Wessex website is looking all shiny and new for 2019! We have spent quite some time with our friends at Studio Republic redesigning the site to better reflect who we are and what we do.

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21 Feb

International Mother Language Day 2019

UNESCO says mother languages are integral to culture and identity. Our team explore why our relationship with our mother tongue is so crucial.

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30 Sep

International Translation Day 2018

On 30th September 2018, we celebrate International Translation Day. One day dedicated to celebrating everything our translations services embody: bringing people together in a language they understand.

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28 Sep

​The Importance of Translation in International Trade

The gateway to global market immersion is in the ability to communicate in a language understood by your network. We discuss how critical this communication ability is when trading internationally.

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13 Nov

10 Top Tips for Website Localisation and SEO

Adapt your website for a global audience with ease. Communicate effectively in every language available with a single click, bringing your digital space to an understandable international forum. Website localisation and search engine optimisation needn't be daunting.

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22 Jun

A Right Royal Relay in Romsey!

Team Wessex Translations raised over £1k at the Romsey Relay Marathon for Young Dementia UK.

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