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Technical Translation Services Company

Our translation services cater for every language management need.

From technical document translation, interpreting and website localisation, to consultancy and complex multi-media, multi-lingual solutions or just friendly advice.

In this digital age we have seen a proliferation and the need for web localisation & web translations services and we've been at the forefront of offering our translation services to a range of business across a multitude of industry sectors.

At Wessex Translations, we understand the importance of accuracy that technical translation demands along with the pressure of real world business deadlines. We deliver on time, every time - if you have an urgent requirement we can offer a special 24 hour service.

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"Mother languages are integral to culture and identity" - UNESCO
30 September 2018
For businesses entering a new market where people speak a different language, it is important to avoid alienating your new audience and to benefit from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in order to maximise conversion opportunities.
Quality assurance is extremely important for all types of translation, as mistakes can have far-reaching consequences. However, this is particularly true for medical and pharmaceutical translations since mistranslation may carry life-or-death implications. So, how can a client ensure accuracy when commissioning the translation of texts of a medical nature? One way of ensuring quality is to commission a back translation.
Team Wessex Translations successfully completed the Romsey Relay Marathon, raising over £1,000 for charity!
How important is typesetting? If you want your documents to look professional, it’s vital. Professional typesetting ensures the accurate placement of text and images on a page so that it is aesthetically pleasing to the reader and ready to go to print.
Interpreting is often confused with translation, but what is the difference? Put simply, interpreting is the spoken rendering of speech from one language to another, whereas translation is the written process of rendering text from one language into another.
At Wessex Translations, it’s not just businesses and large organisations who use our services; we often assist members of the public too. Every year we help numerous individuals with the translation of their personal documents and certificates, however big or small.
For many people when they think about translation, they just have in their mind cutting and pasting text into Google Translate on their phone or laptop and seeing what comes up. In reality, although this can be a useful tool for single words and simplistic phrases (though even then it can be hit and miss), accurate and reliable translation is a human process that takes time to become skilled in.


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