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Communicate easily with the assistance of our qualified professional interpreters

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We can provide interpreters for any situation, in any location and in any language

We have specialist interpreters experienced in all disciplines, from simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpreting, to British Sign Language interpreting for the hearing impaired.

We are equipped to cater to the most complex interpreting needs, including multi-language interpreting for large-scale conferences. You can rely on us to supply not only the interpreter but also any necessary equipment such as interpreter booths and delegate headsets. We also provide interpreters for smaller events or meetings where a more discreet interpreting presence is needed.

All our interpreters are qualified and have the professionalism necessary for complex or sensitive situations.

We can provide interpreters to attend in person or remotely. We also have an on-demand Telephone Interpreting service for when you need urgent or out-of-hours language assistance.


Our interpreters can help in numerous situations, including:

Get in touch to enquire about our services or to book an interpreter for your event. Our dedicated team of knowledgeable project managers can advise you on your requirements and respond quickly to last-minute requests.

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Telephone Interpreting

Telephone interpreting is a new service provided by Wessex Translations, giving our clients instant, on-demand access to an interpreter when urgent or out-of-hours language assistance is needed.

The service is available in over 200 languages, with over 3200 interpreters registered with the system, all over the world.

It’s as simple as dialling the phone number, entering your access code and the code for the language you require – and an interpreter will join the line and assist you with your conversation.

This is especially useful for unexpected urgent phone calls (inbound or outbound) with your non‑English‑speaking clients.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a telephone interpreting account please get in touch with our Interpreting Manager, Eva, at