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Our language and typesetting expertise enable us to produce professional print-ready documents in any language

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We have a unique combination of language and typesetting skills

We understand that our clients invest a lot of time and money in creating their documents ready to go to print. With our translation and typesetting service, you can be sure that the same level of care goes into creating the foreign-language version.

Unlike many other translation companies, you can send us documents for translation in their original design format, including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, FrameMaker and PageMaker, as well as QuarkXPress. We work on both Mac and PC platforms to ensure compatibility with all of our clients.

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Our language skills enable us to navigate the issues that arise when typesetting in a foreign language. Our typesetting team can help you with:

From technical documents such as manuals and operator guides, to more creative publications like magazines, our team of experienced typesetters have the skills to ensure our translations are delivered looking just as polished as your original.

We typeset a range of documents on a daily basis, including:

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