Translating for European Institutions

Wessex Translations has been providing European institutions with translation services since 1997 - after winning our first contract with the European Parliament.

Since then, the number and range of projects we have completed with a variety of organisations has increased significantly – earning us an excellent reputation for quality and professionalism.

Translators for the European institutions require an in-depth knowledge of their subject. Our team are all specialists and some will have worked in the European Commission or Parliament's own translation departments.

The key to translating for the European Commission, Parliament and other EU institutions is quality assurance. Adherence to best practice is essential, particularly regarding references in the text to other documents, such as legislation (EU or national), declarations, press releases, official websites and more. The importance of consistency and accuracy cannot be overestimated and is constantly emphasised in our Quality Control Manual.

Our projects for European institutions have included:

  • Minutes of meetings for committees and political groups
  • Draft recommendations on policy issues for committees and groups
  • Verbatim reports of proceedings in the European Parliament (equivalent to the UK Parliament’s Hansard)
  • Petitions,
  • European Ombudsmen newsletters
  • Reports on delegation visits and electoral observations
  • Studies on a variety of subjects
  • Fisheries reports
  • Other statistical reports
  • Invitation-to-tender documents
  • Speeches
  • Short-lists
  • Articles for the EP's internal Newshound newsletter
  • Written questions to the Commission
  • Letters and memos to other institutions

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